kevin kinley
designer/art director


Designer, illustrator and art director for brands, publications, and people.

A little primping never hurt nobody.

A little primping never hurt nobody.


Kevin Kinley

A family man who's full of dad jokes. That's a good start.

I graduated from the University of Northwestern–St. Paul with a double major. I'm currently a Sr. Designer at Malley Design. Prior to that, I was the Art Director for Minnesota Business magazine.

I have a strong background in editorial and publication design. Art directing photo shoots, designing editorials and doing page layout is what I really enjoy. Although, for a self-proclaimed 'print' designer, I really enjoy web/UI design as well. I have worked for a marketing firm, a food marketing agency, a publication house and a small studio. Each has it's own joys, challenges and opportunities.

Some of my favorite things to work on are branding projects. I thoroughly enjoy the holistic approach one must have when developing a full and versatile brand. Evolving the brand assets and defining the to-do's and the what-not-to-do's is highly satisfactory.

I've been told my work has a sense of youthfulness and energy to it. I've also been told that my work is clean and structured, something I owe to being a devout grid follower. Want to collaborate or chat?